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660HSK-A63 Spindle

Your Price: $6,800.00
Manufacturer: Air Turbine Spindles Inc.
Manufacturer Part No: 65202

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Speed + Collet Size:
The 660HSK-A63 is ideal for heavier duty applications and milling hard materials in corners. The 660 features higher governed constant speed at 50,000 rpm and even higher power at 0.94 hp (0.70 kW). For higher power, the double turbine 660X is available with 1.60 hp (1.19 kW) at 50,000 rpm. Our proprietary governor controlled turbine maintains rated high speed optimizing tool performance and life. Air Turbine Spindles® direct drive turbine operates with very low vibration and no heat in 24/7 operation. As a result the 660 mills faster in all materials, including tool steel, titanium and ceramics reducing cycle times dramatically. For long life milling in hard materials this robust 660 Series is equipped with quadruple air cooled angular contact bearings.

Economical consumption of air results from our governor adjusting cfm air flow to the minimum required to maintain high speed. With 2µ precision in its Ultra Precision Collet ER 11 the 660 is also very precise. Selectable rear or side air feed on each spindle. Automatic Loading from the magazine on all machines.

Standard Equipment: Spindle, combo filter extractor (p/n #30008), collet, wrenches, hose and fittings, plug (for alternate air inlet not in use) and carrying case. ER 11 collet system (1/4” or 6mm collet standard - other sizes optional).