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Your Price: $4,950.00
Manufacturer: Air Turbine Spindles Inc.
Manufacturer Part No: 60000

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Speed + Collet Size:
the tools of a new generation™

The compact double turbine 600X spindle range operates at governed 65,000 rpm or 80,000 rpm. Air Turbine Spindles® patented governor increases air flow volume to match cutting load maintaining rated high speed in cut. Now you get the required high SFM for small tools and 6-10x faster cycles.

The 600X’s constant high speed optimizes your tool performance, preventing breakages on micro tools. Using only 5 cfm / 2.3 liters per second airflow the 600X series minimizes air consumption.

Our direct drive has only 2 moving parts - generating no heat and zero thermal effects on accuracy. All you need is a 90 PSI, 6.2 Bar dry air through your machine spindle.

Standard Equipment: Filter Extractor Regulator 30006, collet, wrenches, hose, fittings and carrying case. ER 8 UP collet system (1/8” or 3mm collet standard - other sizes optional). Oil free 90 psi / 6.2 bar clean, dry air supply required.